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The approach of the Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga draws upon the ancient wisdom and healing practices of yoga and offers an integrated and harmonious practice of Asanas (postures), powerful Pranayama (conscious breathing), chanting, and meditation.

The instruction style encourages correct postural alignment, synchronization of breath, and movement and creating awareness of the mind-body-breath complex. The coaches are also passionate about the therapeutic aspects of this ancient system and work with individuals with specific needs by using props, therapy principles, and viniyoga. Yoga is about appreciating one’s uniqueness (physically, mentally, and emotionally). It is about acknowledging and adapting to change, continually redefining one’s practice, and thereby moving towards self-awareness and transformation.


Peaceful Mind comes from a liberty of realization that Yoga is for everyone. The vision of the founders originates from the spirit of humility and love – the true spirit of yoga, which they want to share with as many people as possible.

The ancient convention of Yoga is a beautiful and living tradition, which is much more than the physical practice of Asanas (Postures). It is a comprehensive system integrating the body, breath, heart and mind leading to self-development, and to finding a deeper meaning in life.


Healthy and happy life is the most sought of goal of everyone. Whatever be one’s socio economic status and occupation, one always aspires to have healthy and joyful life. But one should also remember that vigor and happiness are interwoven with physical, mental and emotional well-being. Those who give importance only to physical fitness cannot sustain good health unless they are mentally and emotionally fine. This is fact emphasized in the ancient Indian texts and is reflected in the holistic way of life guided there. The modern science of medicine has also recognized the importance of mental and emotional fitness in healthy and hearty life and therefore the cause and remedies of many diseases and disorders are searched in the patient’s psychology these days.

The Indian Sages of Vedic times – the Rishis, had discovered the super science of Yoga and thereby guided practice ways for accomplishing complete well-being. The Rishis had devised methods to awaken the unlimited powers (Potentials) of human life by means of Yoga. The experimental science of Yoga, as developed by the revered Rishis Patanjali ji is known as “ Ashtang Yoga”. Though YOGA has become a familiar term across the globe and plethora of so called Yoga-Schools are flourishing these days, people at large are ignorant of the real meaning and purpose of Yoga. They regard it as a ‘package’ of physical exercises alone. No doubt, the physical exercises (Asanas) derived from the Ashtang Yoga are most natural and effective means of physical fitness but its domain it not confined to these. In fact, it encompasses all aspects of life. What makes the real difference and bestows great benefits is to practice the Asanas along with understanding the basic philosophy of Yoga while also attempting to adopt it in action.

The word meaning of Yoga is – union, addition. It has originated is spiritual context and implies – the union of individual self with the absolute, Eternal Self. In simple terms, the philosophy of Yoga teaches us that a life when lived as per the will and disciplines of the Supreme Creator becomes a life united with his supreme powers. The Ashtang Yoga has eight components (Ang) sincere adoption of which accomplishers health, vigor and joy in life and leads to its divine evolution. These components are termed – Yam, Niyam, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhayan and Samadhi. The first four have direct bearing upon physical and mental health. The later successively pertain to emotional transmutation and spiritual upliftment.

Yoga brings about inner and outer strength by uniting the body with the mind through the practice of physical postures, meditation, breath work and chanting. Practicing yoga can be a mystical as well as magical experience that is very different from traditional Western “workouts.”
Yoga is an ancient practice — ascetics in Northern India used yogic techniques from 500 BCE (some argue earlier) to liberate themselves from what they feared was an endless cycle of rebirth.

Yoga practices and aims have changed a lot since then and nowadays students come to class for a myriad of reasons — maybe you want to improve your flexibility and cardiovascular health. Or perhaps your goals are different and you would like to achieve a heightened state of mental awareness or a sense of peace. All of these are possible.

The Yoga Studio in Raipur (Chhattisgarh)

"Peaceful Mind – The Ancient Yoga” offers a comprehensive system of techniques, practices and methods for the attainment of physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Nowadays greater stress and tension is placed upon almost every area of life, methods for the attainment of inner peace and the release of tension are essential to maintain wellbeing and health of body, mind and soul.

It is exactly in this regard that Peaceful Mind – The Ancient Yoga offers an aid to help oneself. The needs and demands of the modern times require an even greater commitment to our inner selves, that we may maintain and strengthen the connection with our inner divine nature. Peaceful Mind – The Ancient Yoga offers a path to do this, suited to the times and without losing the originality and effect of the ancient teachings of Yoga.

The first of its kind in the city, Peaceful Mind – The Ancient Yoga are pleased to offer a dedicated beautiful yoga studio in Raipur (Chhattisgarh). Peaceful Mind – The Ancient Yoga is a centre of excellence for yoga. We offer a place that is dedicated to looking after you, and somewhere everyone can belong.

Start or deepen your yoga practice here, learn about cutting edge personal development, yoga philosophy and meditation. In addition, we have an amazing range of Yoga Style with the best Spiritual Yoga in Raipur. Whatever you choose, it all takes place in our beautiful studios or treatment rooms. Our aim is to nurture the health of every individual: men and women, babies and kids, and teens through to seniors- everyone can join. Discover our purpose-built yoga studio just a minute walk from Shankar Nagar, Avanti Vihar, Telebandha, Anand Nagar, Jeevan Vihar, Gayatri Nagar, Sales Tax Colony, Sri Ramnagar, Khamardih and Kachna . Tucked away from the bustle of the city centre, we offer a full schedule of yoga classes for you including Ashtanga Yoga, hot yoga, dynamic flow yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, relaxing candlelit classes and plenty of yoga workshops, all perfect for keeping Peaceful mind – The Ancient Yoga fans in tip-top shape!

Yoga benefits every body shape and stage of life – kids, teens, pregnancy, middle and advanced years. With a broad range of classes and the best teacher with the deep 27 years experience in Goa, Kerala and Khajuraho with the foreign people as well. We offer everything for everyone.

We offer a wide range of styles and levels across an extensive class schedule. Classes vary, from the most dynamic to deeply restorative, and everything in between – so whatever your age and fitness, there are classes to suit you. If you just want to get started, we'd recommend picking a class that is simply called ‘Peaceful Mind – The Ancient Yoga’. In these classes, teacher often incorporate elements from various yogic traditions, so he is a great way to find the style that suits you.
In 2008 Peaceful Mind – The Ancient Yoga set out to create a compassionate environment for people to practice yoga. Over the past decade we’ve been delighted to build such strong communities that make practicing with us such a joy. Creating wellbeing in our community is important to us. Everyone is welcome, all ages, abilities, backgrounds and body shapes join in our yoga classes in a beautiful Yoga Studio at Gaygati Nagar, Near Jagannath Temple, Shankar Nagar, Raipur (Chhattisgarh).


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Peaceful Mind is my second family where I’ve learned and then worked for a long time. Becoming a yoga trainer here is the second best decision I have made, the first one is to marry John, my beloved husband. At Peaceful Mind, I find my self and the way to be close friend with her.

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