About Peaceful Minds

Introducing Peaceful Minds Mental Wellness, established in 2017 by Yogi Satendra, a respected holistic therapist. Our center is a haven for mental well-being, offering tailored approaches to address various challenges. From anxiety and depression to complex conditions like schizophrenia and addiction, we guide individuals on paths to flourishing.

In 2019, we welcomed Ms. Shreya, a dedicated mental health advocate, as Co-founder. Together, we're committed to positive change. Embark on a journey towards harmony and well-being with Peaceful Minds Mental Wellness as your steadfast companion on this healing voyage.

The Challenge on a Global Scale

Mental health struggles in India pose a significant concern. Among the global population dealing with mental issues, India carries a heavy burden of depression, addictions, and suicides, accounting for one-third of the load. Even as India holds the record for the youngest population, over 100 million young people are battling diagnosed mental conditions.

This issue extends beyond India. Worldwide, lack of awareness, stigma, and inadequate access to quality care prevent people from seeking the help they need. This hampers their path to healing and well-being.

Our Innovative Approach: Unveiling the Peaceful Minds Solution

At Peaceful Minds Mental Wellness, we are revolutionizing mental healthcare delivery in India. By fusing cutting-edge scientific insights with state-of-the-art technological resources, we are committed to ushering in optimal well-being for every individual and their families.

Our all-encompassing mental health ecosystem is a testament to our dedication, offering a comprehensive array of treatments, care, and unwavering support for an extensive spectrum of mental health challenges.

Harnessing the collective experience and proficiency of our adept team of mental health professionals, our mission is to ensure a seamless and effortless navigation through the labyrinth of mental healthcare. With us by your side, embarking on your journey towards lasting well-being becomes an empowering and enriching experience.

"Wherever you are on your mental health journey, Peaceful Minds is here to support you. We're your companions, helping you feel better, progress, and maintain your well-being."

Established in 2017, Peaceful Minds Mental Wellness holds a global vision. We aim to enhance mental health and well-being not only in India but across the world. Our focus is on helping people facing issues like depression, stress, and anxiety. We extend our support to students, corporate workers, government employees, women, couples, and those dealing with addictions to porn, drugs, and social media. Our mission is to reach every person impacted by mental struggles, offering comfort and comprehensive care for a better future.

Our Approach

At Peaceful Minds Mental Wellness, our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of the diverse facets of mental health and wellness. We blend scientific knowledge with holistic practices to provide a comprehensive and personalized healing journey for each individual.

  1. Holistic Care: We believe in treating the mind, body, and soul as interconnected elements, promoting a harmonious and balanced state of well-being.

  2. Tailored Solutions: Our experienced team customizes therapy and support to address the unique needs of each person, ensuring effective and targeted interventions.

  3. Collaborative Partnerships: We work closely with individuals, families, and communities, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared responsibility in the healing process.

  4. Empowerment and Education: We empower individuals with knowledge and tools to manage their mental health, promoting self-awareness and resilience.

  5. Integrative Therapies: Our approach integrates various therapeutic techniques, including counseling, meditation, yoga, and holistic practices, for a well-rounded healing experience.

  6. Compassionate Support: Compassion forms the cornerstone of our approach, creating a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to express themselves and heal.

Through our holistic and empathetic approach, we strive to guide individuals towards a path of mental wellness, enabling them to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Supported Therapy

"Empowering Minds, Enriching Lives: Comprehensive Mental Wellness Services"

  1. Counseling and Healing: We talk and listen to help you feel better. Our methods are like a mental medicine to ease your worries and bring calmness.

  2. Corporate Stress Management Programs: For businesses, we teach techniques to handle stress. This helps employees work better, feel happier, and be more productive.

  3. Student's Stress Management Program: We show students ways to deal with stress from studies and life. This makes learning easier and boosts confidence.

  4. Community Programs: Our events bring people together to learn about mental well-being. We share tools to stay positive and strong as a group.

  5. Sexual Disorders and Dysfunction: We provide support if you're facing difficulties in intimate health and relationships. We're here to talk and help.

  6. Drug, Social Media, Porn Addiction: If you're struggling with using too much of these things, we guide you to find a healthier balance. We help you control your habits for a better life

Core Services

"Our Powerful Methods of Healing"

Our healing methods at Peaceful Minds Mental Wellness are designed to bring you relief and well-being. Our treatment includes:

  • Expert Counseling: You can talk to our experts in 1 to 5 sessions. They will listen and guide you.

  • Herbal Solutions: We use safe Indian herbs to help you without side effects.

  • Yoga for Strength: Experience powerful yoga exercises like, Pranayama, Meditation, Yognidra and Postures to boost your strength.

  • Spiritual Practices: Learn techniques like chanting and fire rituals for inner peace.

  • Positive Thinking: Discover the power of positivity for your mind.

  • Affirmation and Visualization: Techniques to build confidence and visualize success.

  • Journal Writing: Writing helps you reflect and find clarity.

    At Peaceful Minds Mental Wellness, we're here to support your journey towards mental well-being.

Founder's Message

In a vast country like India, where mental health services are often lacking, I firmly believe that offering high-quality support early on is essential for effective and lasting recovery.

At Peaceful Minds Mental Wellness, our vision is to make reliable mental health care available across India, both in-person and online, every day, from morning to night. We've put immense effort into ensuring that mental health support is easy to access, affordable, and genuinely transformative for individuals' well-being.

Our dedication goes beyond just providing services. We've developed unique therapy methods, drawing from ancient Indian wisdom that spans over 5000 years. These methods, rooted in the practices of Indian sages, have proven to be incredibly powerful for overcoming mental weakness and sickness. Our goal is to offer these methods to guide individuals towards a path of profound healing and well-being. From a small team of five who passionately built India's leading mental health platform, we've grown into a community of over 200 individuals who are wholeheartedly committed to mental health. We tirelessly work to create an ecosystem that delivers quality care, anytime and anywhere it's needed.