Holistic Wellness Experts

Yogi Satendra, Holistic Therapist for Mental Wellness

MBA, PG Diploma in Health Conservation, PG in Yogic Science from a Renowned University in India, and YTTC-200 Hours from International Yoga School Registered with Yoga Alliance, USA with 32 years of experience in Holistic Therapy for Mental Health.

Yogi Satendra is the visionary founder of Peaceful Minds Mental Wellness, boasting an illustrious 30-year journey in the realm of teaching Multi-Style Yoga & Meditation for holistic mental and physical well-being. Through his expertise, he guides individuals towards inner strength and serenity via Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, and profound spiritual practices such as Chanting and Fire rituals.

Yogi Satendra holds a Master in Business Administration (MBA) , Post Graduate Diploma in Yogic Science and a PG diploma in ‘Health Conservation’ from a prestigious Indian university. His dedication to the craft led him to complete the rigorous 200 Hrs. Yoga Teachers Training Course (YTTC-200) from a Yoga School registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. His philosophy encompasses precise postural alignment, a harmonious blend of strength and flexibility, thoughtful modifications, and fostering a nurturing space where individuals feel empowered to explore their boundaries.

Beyond his role as a personal coach, Yogi Satendra's natural affinity for Yoga propelled him towards its practice. His journey to profound self-discovery and optimal wellness unfolded. Yoga became his compass, guiding him to embrace life with heightened awareness and compassion, a transformation he eagerly shares with those around him. Trained under seasoned mentors, he views Yoga not merely as a physical pursuit but as an avenue to celebrate one's individuality on physical, mental, and emotional levels. This perspective entails embracing change, continuously reshaping one's practice, and progressing towards self-awareness and personal transformation.

With a penchant for drawing from the ancient wisdom and healing heritage of Yoga, Yogi Satendra's teachings emanate from his personal practice and experiential wisdom. He inspires individuals to explore their innate potential and the transformative possibilities within this ancient discipline. He extends profound gratitude to his teachers, mentors, family, students, and every contributor to his journey. Grateful to life itself for its love, guidance, unwavering faith, and boundless inspiration.

As a holistic therapist for mental well-being, Yogi Satendra excels in offering comprehensive support for mental sickness. His expertise includes • Individual Counseling led by seasoned holistic Therapists:

• Couples and Family Counseling for nurturing relationships

• Holistic Healing through potent Yogic Techniques

• Spiritual Healing employing the power of Mantra Chanting and Fire-rituals

• Integration of Mind, Body, and Soul through transformative Meditation and Relaxation

• Herbal Combinations for safe and effective treatments

• Cultivation of Positive Thinking, Affirmation, and Visualization

• Guided Journal Writing for introspection and heightened awareness

• Tailored Nutritional Guidance and Diet Planning for holistic health

• Group Therapy fostering peer support and nurturing community bonds.

Ms. Shreya, Holistic Therapist for Mental Wellness

Master in Business Administration (MBA) in Health Care Management, PG Diploma in Yogic Science from a Renowned University in India, and RYT-200 & 300 Hours from Yoga Alliance, USA with 8 years of experience in Holistic Therapy for Mental & Physical Health.

Shreya Shrivastava is a dedicated Holistic Therapist for Mental Wellness, deeply rooted in both spiritual wisdom and professional expertise. As the Co-founder of Peaceful Minds Mental Wellness in India, she brings a decade of experience in the realm of Holistic Therapy. Shreya holds the distinction of being an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT200) and completing a comprehensive 500 Hrs. Teachers Training Course (RYT-500) accredited by Yoga Alliance, USA.

Her journey includes a Yoga Instructor Training Course (YIC) from S-VYASA, Bangalore, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on Yoga and Healthcare Management from VYASA BUSINESS SCHOOL, Bangalore, India.

Shreya is not only a proficient yoga mentor but also a holistic therapist specializing in mental wellness. Her diverse expertise encompasses Meditation, Pranayama, Hatha yoga, Mantras chanting, and yoga philosophy. With a heart brimming with dedication and a wealth of experience, she's a true guide and coach.

What sets Yogini Shreya apart is her unique blend of acrobatic prowess and graceful yoga practices. This fusion influences her dynamic teaching style, motivating and inspiring her students to exceed their limits.

Drawing inspiration from yoga's timeless wisdom, Shreya imparts teachings based on her personal practice and experience in Ancient Yoga. Her mission is to encourage individuals to tap into their inherent potential and embrace the transformative power of this age-old discipline.

Shreya's lifelong passion lies in inspiring people to accomplish their fitness and well-being goals. Beyond her role as a personal coach, she naturally gravitated toward the path of yoga. This journey guided her toward profound self-discovery and optimal well-being, making her a beacon of holistic therapy for mental wellness.

With Shreya, you're not just learning yoga; you're embarking on a journey to uncover your true self and achieve a state of optimal health and inner harmony.

Shreya Shrivastava, a dedicated Healer and holistic therapist for mental well-being, brings a profound commitment to nurturing holistic health. With a focus on comprehensive mental care, her expertise encompasses a diverse range of approaches:

• Individual Counseling led by seasoned holistic Therapists, providing personalized guidance.

• Couples and Family Counseling, fostering nurturing relationships and stronger bonds.

• Holistic Healing through potent Yogic Techniques, promoting overall well-being.

• Spiritual Healing, harnessing the transformative power of Mantra Chanting and Fire-rituals.

• Integration of Mind, Body, and Soul via transformative Meditation and Relaxation.

• Herbal Combinations, offering safe and effective treatments for holistic health.

• Cultivation of Positive Thinking, Affirmation, and Visualization for empowering the mind.

• Guided Journal Writing, facilitating introspection and heightened awareness.

• Tailored Nutritional Guidance and Diet Planning, ensuring a holistic approach to health.

• Group Therapy, nurturing peer support and strengthening community bonds.

Shreya's healing encompasses a harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and contemporary techniques, creating a supportive space for profound healing and transformation. Her passion lies in inspiring individuals to achieve holistic well-being and optimal mental health.