Peaceful Mind comes from a liberty of realization that Yoga is for everyone. The vision of the founders originates from the spirit of humility and love – the true spirit of yoga, which they want to share with as many people as possible.


The ancient convention of Yoga is a beautiful and living tradition, which is much more than the physical practice of Asanas (Postures). It is a comprehensive system integrating the body, breath, heart and mind leading to self-development, and to finding a deeper meaning in life. We aspire to explore Yoga in all its wholeness making it relevant to the current times, at the same time preserving the essence of this ancient practice. The approach of the Peaceful Mind - The Ancient Yoga draws upon the ancient wisdom and healing practices of Yoga and offers an integrated and harmonious practice of Asanas (Postures), Powerful Pranayama (Conscious breathing), chanting and meditation. The instruction style encourages correct postural alignment, synchronization of breath and movement and creating awareness of the mind-body-breath complex. The Coaches are also passionate about the therapeutic aspects of this ancient system and work with individuals with specific needs by using props, therapy principles and Viniyoga.


Yogi Satendra is the founder of Peaceful Mind – The Ancient Yoga with 30 years of experience in the field of mental and physical wellbeing and inner strength through Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Spiritual approach like Chanting and Yagya ( Oblation). He is also a certified Yoga Therapist and Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Science and Certificate in ‘Health Conservation’ from renowned University in India. His philosophy style involves correct postural alignment, balancing strength and flexibility, applying suitable modifications and variations and creating a compassionate space where people feel safe to explore and challenge themselves. Yogi Satendra has always been passionate about motivating people to achieve their fitness and health goals and inspiring them to lead healthy lifestyles. Apart from being a personal coach, He naturally gravitated towards the practice of Yoga and his journey to the greatest learning of the Self and optimal state of wellness began. Yoga helped him to embrace life with more awareness and compassion inspiring him to share his passion and experiences with those around him. He trained in the discipline of Yoga under experienced teachers. He believes that Yoga is much more than achieving a specific posture, Yoga is about appreciating one’s uniqueness (physically, mentally, and emotionally). It is about acknowledging and adapting to change, continually redefining one’s practice, and thereby moving towards self-awareness and transformation. He likes to draw upon the ancient wisdom and healing system of Yoga and teaches from a place of personal practice and experience. He encourages one to explore their own personal potential and the transformational potential of this ancient discipline. He expresses deep gratitude to his teachers and Gurus, his family, his students, each and everyone who made this journey possible, and to Life itself for the love, guidance, faith, and inspiration.

I Love Peaceful Mind

  • This Detox and Power yoga retreats was life changing. There are not many places you can go for a long period of time and learn about the nature of the world; the universe. I have been waiting for an opportunity such as this to come my way for many years now and am so happy to have experienced the intensive practice with Peaceful Mind-The Ancient Yoga. My Best of luck to the organization in the future.

    Melanie LaDua


  • It has been a great experience to join this Centre Peaceful Mind-The Ancient Yoga, the retreat is awesome n their way of instruction is also great. It proved to be very beneficial for me in every way physically, mentally and emotionally...

    Sarah Larbi

    Las Vegas

  • Peaceful mind-The Ancient Yoga, it’s really the same as its name I found peace of mind and soul here, loved doing the medication n yoga classes which helped me in having a disciplined n healthy life style... M really thankful to the mentors and staff members... Looking forward to visit you again...

    Lassie Watkins

    California, USA

  • I had attained sublimity at peaceful mind-The Ancient Yoga, it was truly transformational phase of my life, I really enjoyed a lot especially delicious food items and ascetic life experience. Staff members were full of hospitality. Million thanks for giving us sublime experience.


    United States

  • After attending peaceful mind yoga Retreat I set aside my old notions because somewhere yoga classes compel me to introspect the real strength of a person and it facilitate the true purpose of life. Learning at the center has great value in my life, some time I entered in mystical world, it was unique apart from this entire package is reasonable staff members are modest and corporative. I enjoyed deeply you opened new domain of life .its matchless and peerless experience keep on doing great things .thanks with great regard.

    Suzanne Phillips

    New York

  • Dear Sir , we felt at peaceful mind yoga that we are not human being having spiritual experience but spiritual being having human experience, calm and composed atmosphere melodious psalms who compel us realize self .we have discovered ourselves in the direction of love ,compassion and serenity. Its new life sir grateful to u and all crew members who contributed in some way or the other. Wish u love sir

    David Baumgartner

    Fort Wayne, IN

  • Dear spiritual mentor, we shall be always thankful for making us realize Divine experience .it’s a life time achievement as far as our spiritual journey is concerned, sacrosanct yagya and worship complementary with pious song. It gives us mental piece, which is exceptional so long as peaceful mind is concerned .we enjoyed every moment at center. Assistant teachers were also innovative, staff person were humble, well experienced cook but above all dear mentor you are exemplary. Wishes from us thank u again.

    Debbie Guerra

    Philomath City, OR, USA

  • Namaste Gurudev, since childhood we have been seeking this kind of session of life where we could find ourselves at its Best. We touched our soul mate where we felt transcendentalism. We became ego less. We appreciate everyone who are part of centre, it is life Changing exposure. We are thankful for well disciplined food recipe. Every moment was musical. We realized timelessness. We are full of gratitude. It’s your academic excellence which resulted in romancing with yoga. We could understand the true meaning of life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Preeti Saxena

    New Delhi (India)

  • Peaceful mind is truly transformational and unique experience of our life, guruji you unfolded us completely.

    Praveen Das Gupta

    Mumbai (India)

  • You are simply mind blowing. We learned a lot its life changing experience. Opened great moment of life. You made us realize, how beautiful life is. We are grateful for your training. Sir .it’s extremely delightful thank u so so much. U gifted us healthier life. U r the best coach, full of gratitude. It’s fabulous experience.

    Ramesh Thakur

    Pune (India)

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