Yoga for gaining weight

Being underweight is also synonymous with health problems like poor metabolism and low immunity. The ideal way to gain weight is a healthy and nutrient-dense diet plan along with exercises. Yoga is excellent for building stamina & strength for improved flexibility and help the body heal and so on it is the excellent way to gain weight.

Some of the poses that will help you to relax your body and build muscle mass and improve your digestive system hence facilitate weight-gain:-

Yoga philosophy supports the concept of ideal body weight. Yoga practice will regulate your metabolism to provide ideal body weight.

Although, yoga as such cannot help you to gain weight but can regulate your metabolism if it is too fast. Also yoga can help you to improve your strength and posture. One option is to gain weight by eating more calories and reducing your activity levels (sedentary lifestyle). Better option is to aim for weight gain in a healthy way by doing regular exercise well and eating high calorie nutritious diet.

Do regular yoga to reduce stress levels. Sleep more than 7-8 hours per night. If you do not find time to eat properly or adequate relaxation, slow down your life.

Eating for weight gain:

1 Eat more often, take short meals every 2 hours or so.
2 Best way to consume extra calories is to eat more fats.
3 Eat nutrient rich foods like nuts, dairy products, enough of protein, fruits, dry fruits
4 Include dairy products like whole milk, butter, cream , ghee(clarified butter) or cheese.
5 Increase carbohydrates intake from whatever source you love to eat.
6 Eat plenty of fruits especially bananas and mangoes.
7 Drink fresh fruit juices, shakes.