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Yogi Satendra

Position:Founder Of Peaceful Mind
Experience:30 Years
Yogi Satendra is the founder of Peaceful Mind – The Ancient Yoga with 30 years of experience in the field of mental and physical wellbeing and inner strength through Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Spiritual approach like Chanting and Yagya ( Oblation). He is also a certified Yoga Therapist and Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Science and Certificate in ‘Health Conservation’ from renowned University in India. His philosophy style involves correct postural alignment, balancing strength and flexibility, applying suitable modifications and variations and creating a compassionate space where people feel safe to explore and challenge themselves. Yogi Satendra has always been passionate about motivating people to achieve their fitness and health goals and inspiring them to lead healthy lifestyles. Apart from being a personal coach, He naturally gravitated towards the practice of Yoga and his journey to the greatest learning of the Self and optimal state of wellness began. Yoga helped him to embrace life with more awareness and compassion inspiring him to share his passion and experiences with those around him. He trained in the discipline of Yoga under experienced teachers. He believes that Yoga is much more than achieving a specific posture, Yoga is about appreciating one’s uniqueness (physically, mentally, and emotionally). It is about acknowledging and adapting to change, continually redefining one’s practice, and thereby moving towards self-awareness and transformation. He likes to draw upon the ancient wisdom and healing system of Yoga and teaches from a place of personal practice and experience. He encourages one to explore their own personal potential and the transformational potential of this ancient discipline. He expresses deep gratitude to his teachers and Gurus, his family, his students, each and everyone who made this journey possible, and to Life itself for the love, guidance, faith, and inspiration.
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