Yoga for various diseases (Therapeutic Yoga)

Make the most of your precious time on the mat! In our time-starved lifestyle, the moments we spend in yoga practice must have the most beneficial effect possible. This essential course is designed for any level of yoga practitioner—from aspiring to experienced yogis—to learn to approach any class or practice with greater integrity, so you can gain the maximal therapeutic effect possible, no matter when, where, or how you practice.

Therapeutic yoga classes integrate mindfulness, conscious breathing, and somatic awareness into a yoga sequence that emphasizes the whole person. These classes begin with a group process that allows students to speak personal intentions for class and share pertinent information from life related to the intention. Peaceful Mind – The Ancient Yoga class to the needs of the individuals present that takes asana practice into a powerfully transformational tool that applies both on and off of the mat.

Therapeutic yoga classes in Peaceful Mind – The Ancient Yoga
The therapeutic yoga class is a 50 minute yoga class designed for people with persistent pain, illness, or recovering from injury. Basic yoga poses (asana) will be introduced with a focus on improving ease of movment, balance, postural alignment and strength. Restorative poses (supported reclined postures) and breathwork will be incorporated to help reduce muscular tension, enhance relaxation and support emotional wellbeing.

What is yoga?
Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual discipline that incorporates movement, breathing and meditation. There are many different styles of yoga including hatha, vinyasa/flow, ashtanga, yin, restorative, iyengar, bikram etc. all of which have their own distinct features. The therapeutic yoga class will be a hatha style class, with a gentle and restorative approach to movement and recovery. In essence, this means the class will be based on gentle yoga postures with simple breathing exercises. The yoga postures will be adapted as needed to allow the class to be accessible for all participants.

Who should you attend a therapeutic yoga class?
This class is designed for those looking for a gentle yet effective option to increase activity; particularly when living with a chronic condition or recovering from illness or injury. It is ideal for individuals for whom yoga classes in the community are perhaps too demanding or intimidating. A therapeutic yoga class offers the reassurance that alternative movement/posture options will be provided as needed, to ensure that you are working within your own capacity. The yoga practice will be accessible for you and suited to your condition. Benefits of attending a therapeutic yoga class series

There are many physical benefits to participating in a therapeutic yoga class:
1. Chronic diseases
2. Diabetes (Sugar)
3. Blood Pressure
4. Back Pain
5. Body pain
6. Thyroid
7. Digestive Problem
8. Gastric Problem
9. Slip Disc
10. Sciatica Pain
11. Improving Immune System